About Tom

I'm Tom, a freelance software developer who spends most of his time working with JavaScript, managing teams of developers and working with clients.

You can find me on GitHub, Stack Overflow and Linked In.

I’ve spent the last eleven years developing projects large and small and for a wide variety of clients, here are a few of interest.

Pollonize Analytics

Backbone, Dimple, D3, SVG, Node, Express

Pollonize is a native content delivery network that syndicates brand article and video content across a network of publishers. The Pollonize Analytics platform provides brands and publishers with data and insights on the performance of their campaigns.

Pollonize Analytics

For this project I led the development of the application interface including:

  • Working with the the design and product teams to plan the product interface.
  • Leading a team of developers creating data visualisations using a combination of Dimple.js and D3.js.
  • Worked with the server-side team to create a REST API to access raw analytics data.
  • Training customer support in the use of the application.

This project really tested my JavaScript skills and involved a lot of research and testing. Working with D3.js for the first time involves a steep learning curve, but a curve that is ultimately hugely rewarding.

Adjust Your Set Video CMS

Backbone, Video.js, HTML Video, Audio and Image API, Node, Express

Adjust Your Set create, publish, host and deliver thousands of hours video content for clients including Marks & Spencer, HSBC and Bacardí. The project replaced the existing outdated CMS used internally and greatly simplified the publishing process.


For this project I led the development of a new application interface and worked on a new API including:

  • Assessing the existing CMS and planning how to simplify the features.
  • Leading a team of developers to create the management interface.
  • Running user testing sessions on iterations of the new interface.
  • Working with the server-side team to plan and create a REST API to replace the exising outdated API.
  • Running training sessions for Adjust Your Set's account management team.

This project has greatly reduced publishing time in Adjust Your Set's workflow.

Just For Kids Law Interactive Player

Just for Kids Law are a charity that provide support and legal advice to young people in difficulty. In the UK age of criminal responsibility is 10. To raise awareness of the problems this legislation can cause we worked with Just For Kids Law to produce an interactive video experience.

The experience introduced a mother (at home) an daughter (in police custody) and provided their fraught inner monologues as simultaneous voice overs. Viewers were provided with both sides of the story at once and were able to adjust the split between the two videos.

Just For Kids Law Player

This project provided some interesting problems to solve including:

  • keeping video and audio stream in sync and,
  • creating a version that worked on tablet devices.

The latter proved particularly challenging due to the fact that tablets (especially iPads) will only play a single HTML Media element at a time. HTML Canvas allowed me to successfully create the split effect on tablets. Both videos were stitched together into one file. On tablet devices the video was duplicated into a canvas element and then overlaid on the video.

Just For Kids Overlay Diagram <video> element mirrored and repositioned using a <canvas> element

Axisto Broadcast Platform

Backbone, Marionette, HTML Video, JWPlayer, Express, Wowza Media Servers

Axisto media provided software for live conference broadcasting with speedy turn around of on-demand video content. The platform allowed clients including the British Medical Journal to expand the global reach of their conferences.

I worked as part of a small team and focussed mainly on the delegate facing and production interfaces.

  • Created delegate interfaces including live timetabling and video broadcast channel viewer.
  • Constructed the production management interface for controlling the live timetable and broadcast channels.
  • Worked with conference event teams to plan and create their conference portal.
  • Ran on-site publishing of live and on-demand video content.
  • Provided support to delegates and conference staff during events.

The software was used annually to broadcast the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare. Axisto's platform allowed the BMJ to expand the reach of their conference as well as provide quality tailored content to delegates and institutions that were unable to attend the Forum.

In 2012 the Forum was nominated for best hybrid/virtual event at the 2012 Conference Awards coming second in it's category.